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cancel online subscriptions, subscription trap, online, business, cancel, payment, credit card, statement, charge, consumer, consumer law, deceptive, manipulative, online marketing, ACCC, penalty, breach, personal information
06 Jul 2023
Many of us have had difficulty trying to cancel online subscriptions that just ...
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unfair contract, contract, consumer, small business, franchise, penalty, breach, consumer law, competition, turnover, legislation, unfair term, standard form, standard form contract, cyber hacking, cyber security, data collection, data use, data retention, data
07 Jun 2023
Tougher penalties for unfair contract terms and consumer law breaches ...
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04 May 2023
ASIC and the courts have shown they are serious about clamping down on companies...
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21 Apr 2023
Weighing up the pros and cons of a case, discarding irrelevancies, assessing the...
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influencers, social media, Instagram, TikTok, deceptive, misleading, paid, promotion, endorsement, YouTube, advertisement, marketing, ACCC, consumer, consumer law, Kardashian, Employsure
02 Mar 2023
In a case that social media influencers should not ignore, US authorities ...
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cartel, cartel conduct, competition, anti-competitive, consumer, ACCC, collusion, collude, bid collusion, bid rigging, roofer, roofing, contractor, fake bid, penalty, fine, publish
07 Feb 2023
A cartel in business operates by independent corporations or market participants...
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greenwashing, greenwash, consumer, ASIC, ACCC, environmental claims, green claims, green credentials, Santos, environment, net zero, clean energy, false, misleading, advertising
12 Jan 2023
Businesses have been warned by corporate and consumer watchdogs about ...
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scammers, scam, fraud, fraudster, con man, online scam, dating scam, ACCC, cybercrime, cybersecurity, proceeds of crime, Facebook, Meta, crypto, misleading conduct
15 Nov 2022
Many scammers out of reach as financial impact of scams rises Every year ...
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Exclusion Register, STRA, short term, rental accommodation, guest, host, neighbour, letting, renting, code of conduct, Fair Trading, common property, strata, property
01 Nov 2022
There is good news for neighbours of rowdy, poorly managed short-term rental ...
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misleading advertising, deceptive conduct, customer, consumer, Trivago, Uber, Consumer Law, website, cost-per-click, breach, penalty
08 Sep 2022
Some recent, high-profile cases have highlighted the significant fines for ...
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trees blocking, tree, view, sunlight, neighbour, dispute, LEC
18 Aug 2022
The greenery in my neighbour’s yard keeps getting bigger and bigger - now ...
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12 Aug 2022
You pull up at a petrol station to fill up. The kids cry out for ice cream. One ...
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