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speak ill of the dead, defamation, defamatory, defamed, deceased, reputation, legal action, ALRC, Australian Law Reform Commission, injunction, declaratory order, correction, Defamation Act, publication, identifiable, social media, internet, claim
19 Jul 2023
For thousands of years we have been told not to speak “evil” of the dead. ...
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misleading or deceptive, misleading conduct, deceptive conduct, trademark infringement, trademark dispute, consumer protection, passing off, trademark registration, Trade Marks Act
01 Jun 2020
Upon having a hair treatment at an Israeli hairdressing salon, a Canadian ...
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right to protest, knitting nanas, Right to Farm Bill, peaceful protest, peaceful assembly, fracking, climate change, land clearing, climate protest
10 Jan 2020
Dozens of protesters have been arrested in Australia for demanding immediate ...
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defamatory email, email defamation, defamation, harassed, harassment, imputation, defence, credibility, damages, aggravated damages
29 Oct 2019
The chairperson of the strata committee and the tenant lived in the same strata ...
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