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bank of mum and dad, BOMAD, bank of dad, loan, gift, family loan, financial support, property, mortgage, cost of living, Centrelink, age pension, guarantor, borrowing capacity, credit score, security, documented, divorce, Deed, verbal agreement
19 Oct 2023
Unaffordable housing leads to reliance on bank of mum and dad As Australia ...
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stormwater pipe, flood, property, buyer, seller, council, inundated, drainage, easement, pipeline, compulsorily, compulsory, restriction, development, collapsed pipe, damage, pump, flooding, encumbrance
05 Sep 2023
A Sydney property was bought in 1989. The buyer was unaware of a stormwater pipe...
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Real estate agent, property sale, residential, buyer, seller, purchaser, vendor, contract, exchange, conveyancer, lawyer, deposit, auction, settlement, conditions, agency agreement, warning statement
24 Feb 2022
For a residential property sale to go as smoothly as possible for all parties, ...
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pay for repairs, residential lease, commercial lease, retail lease, landlord, tenant, repairs, maintenance, wear and tear, equipment, fixtures, fittings, premises
25 Nov 2021
Working out who has to pay for repairs on a property may not always be ...
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release of deposit, vendor, purchaser, buyer, seller, deposit, agent, property sale, contract, clause, exchange, settlement
10 Nov 2021
If you are selling or buying residential or commercial property in New South ...
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property sale, contract, vendor, purchaser, deposit, payment, buyer, seller, exchange, terminate, forfeit, clause, instalment, costs, equitable relief, deadline
05 Oct 2021
On 4 April 2019, a purchaser and vendors exchanged contracts for the sale of a ...
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contest a Power of Attorney, enduring, guardian, guardianship, financial decisions, health decisions, NCAT, Supreme Court, challenge, appointment
29 Jun 2021
When you appoint an Enduring Power of Attorney or an Enduring Guardian, you are ...
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revoking a Power of Attorney, revoke, revocation, Enduring Guardian, guardianship, Irrevocable, legally binding, POA, Supreme Court, registration number, incapacitated, mental capacity, Management Order, NCAT, NSW, Trustee and Guardian
24 Jun 2021
Sometimes circumstances change and you may find yourself having to consider ...
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