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principal contractor, construction site, scaffolding, carpenter, builder, Queensland, NSW, licensed builder, injury, claim, compensation, employment, incapacity, ABN, subcontractor, zero energy, management contract, employee, employer
28 Feb 2023
On 31 May 2021, a carpenter began working on a construction site in northern ...
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wakeskating, wakeskater, wakeboarding, quadriplegic, board, boat, driver, negligence, injury, spinal cord, damages, river channel, sandbar, navigation channel, plaintiff, defendant
06 Sep 2022
On the 18th of November 2007, a man who intended to go wakeskating met a boat ...
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Workers comp, workers compensation, coronavirus, covid-19, employee, worker, employer, compensation, supermarket, childcare, cafe, funeral home
16 Sep 2020
Further legislative changes have been made to workers compensation in NSW, ...
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workers compensation NSW, workers comp, coronavirus, Covid-19, causation, evidence, evidential burden
12 Jun 2020
Presumption that coronavirus contracted in the course of employment Workers in ...
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cross border workers compensation, workers compensation, workers comp, compo, work injury, damages, common law damages, statutory compensation, injured at work
13 Jan 2020
The employee was a delivery driver working from his employer’s warehouse in ...
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policeman psychiatric injury, psychiatric injury, PTSD, post traumatic stress, post traumatic stress disorder, psychiatric harm, psychiatric disorder, fatal accident, car accident, road accident, motor vehicle accident, car driver, intoxicated, speeding, claim, claim for damages, psychiatric injuries, liability, insurer, insurance company, denied liability, duty of care, police officer, foreseeable risk, rescuer, emotional detachment, negligent, negligence, compensation, compensatory damages, psychiatrist reports, plaintiff, defendant, statutory benefit, statutory benefits, legislation, motor accident legislation, workers compensation, workers compensation claim
27 Mar 2019
A Queensland police officer attended a motor vehicle accident in 2013 involving ...
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