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bad reference, job, employer, employee, employment, defamation, Defamation Act, qualified privilege, recruitment
02 Sep 2022
You miss out on getting a job and later find it was due to a bad reference from ...
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public shaming, thief, thieves, shoplifter, shoplifting, wall of shame, CCTV, presumption of innocence, offence, police, stealing, mental health, underage, defamation, damages
12 Jul 2022
Shopkeepers unwilling to confront thieves despite huge cost to business ...
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truth in advertising, misleading, deceptive, conduct, false, customer, consumer, donate, charity, marketing, campaign, ACCC
18 May 2022
Australian Consumer Law is designed to protect a degree of truth in advertising,...
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travel insurance, insurance, insurer, Allianz, AWP, ASIC, misleading, deceptive, conduct, financial services licence, product disclosure, Expedia, travelling
03 Mar 2022
Insurance companies were issued a strong warning after the Federal Court fined ...
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unfair contract terms, contract, insurance, insurance contract, dispute, ASIC, excess, direct debit, exclusion, Royal Commission
02 Dec 2021
Unfair contract terms protections have been extended under new legislation to ...
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reverse mortgage, mortgage, home loan, debt, repayment, interest, principal, equity, retirement, retiree, self funded, asset, home equity, compound interest, loan, aged care
23 Sep 2021
With the government encouraging self-funded retirees to tap into their home’s ...
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business email compromise, payment redirection, BEC scams, cybercriminal, cyberthieves, victim, email, bank account, scammers, Electronic Transactions Act, intercept, legitimate
04 Aug 2021
According to the Australian Federal Police, more than $79 million has been lost ...
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administrator of the estate, conflict of interest, beneficiary, deceased, will, death benefit, superannuation, intestacy, estate planning, Death Benefit Nomination
06 May 2021
These days, most people have superannuation. Indeed, some people have hundreds ...
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