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send troops, deploy troops, army, defence, conflict, armed conflict, war, war zone, parliament, cabinet, prime minister, governor general, Defence Act, military, Federation
09 Feb 2023
Did you know that only one person makes the decision in Australia to send troops...
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Nazi symbol, Nazi flag, anti-Semitic, antisemitic, far right, extremism, right wing, public display, criminal offence, vilification, hate speech, violence, threat, Nazism, genocide
24 Nov 2022
A new law has recently come into force in NSW, making it a criminal offence ...
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04 Oct 2022
Flower wholesaler B traded at the Sydney Flower Market in Flemington for many ...
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royal pardon, royal prerogative of mercy, mercy, appeal, conviction, attorney-general, offender, miscarriage of justice, overturn, conditional pardon, non-judicial
08 Jun 2022
It is not particularly well known that under the Australian constitution, the ...
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impacts of climate change, duty of care, climate change, coal mine, expansion, children, personal injury, future generations, mining, litigation, climate change litigation
12 May 2022
In May 2021, in what was described as a worldwide landmark judgment, the Federal...
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loss of bargain damages, loss of bargain, landlord, tenant, dispute, rent, lease, hotel, essential term, terminate, take possession, premises
09 Mar 2022
In January 2007, a tenant leased a 100-year-old hotel west of the Blue Mountains...
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critical infrastructure, cybersecurity, business computer, cyberattack, security, Australian Federal Police, Australian Signals Directorate, mandatory reporting, business data
02 Feb 2022
Under tough new critical infrastructure legislation, anyone who refuses to allow...
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climate change, risk, risk management, insurance risk, drought, flood, fire, bushfire, storm, soil moisture, coastal erosion, rising sea levels, property, transaction, real estate
29 Oct 2021
The law and science do not always have a lot to do with each other, but ...
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