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work-related fatalities, death rates, injuries, non-fatal injuries, fatal accidents, injured workers, safety, WHS, OHS, Work Health and Safety Act, employer, employee, deceased
08 Oct 2020
A shocking level of work-related fatalities is disclosed in the figures ...
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surfboard accident, surfboard accidents, personal injury, liable, liability, compensation, negligence, surfboard, out of control surfboard, leg rope, duty of care, Civil Liability Act, dangerous recreational activity
23 Aug 2019
With reckless behaviour on the rise at a number of Australian surf breaks, ...
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farm accident, farm accidents, worker compensation, workers compensation, workplace health and safety, health and safety, WHS, OHS, risk, safety risk, injury, injuries, workplace accident, workplace accidents, compensation, forklift accident, safety audit, workplace safety audit
17 Jun 2019
Farm accidents are devastating for both victims and farm owners, especially when...
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NSW, New South Wales, workers comp, workers compensation, injury, injuries, injured, injured worker, injured workers, workplace injury, workplace injuries, work injury, work injuries, Australia Institute, Centre for Future Work, Restoring Security and Respect, Rebuilding NSW's Workers Compensation System, Workers Compensation Commission, WCC, Workers Compensation Independent Review Office, WIRO, State Insurance Regulatory Authority, SIRA, insurer, insurers, insured, insurance dispute, insurance disputes, dispute with insurer, disputes with insurers, icare, Injured Workers Support Network
08 Jun 2018
Much needed changes to the workers compensation scheme announced in May 2018 ...
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motor accident, motor accidents, motor vehicle accident, motor vehicle accidents, NSW, green slip, green slips, green slip changes, green slip changes NSW, personal injury, third party insurance, compulsory third party insurance, minor injury, minor injuries, moderate injury, moderate injuries, neurological damage, compensation, statutory benefit, statutory benefits
25 Jan 2018
The legal rights of people injured in motor vehicle accidents are being further ...
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05 Oct 2017
The NSW government’s changes to the workers compensation payments for people ...
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08 Sep 2017
On 30 March 2017, the NSW Motor Accidents Injuries Bill 2017 was passed by ...
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23 Feb 2017
We see it all the time - people doing violent things on the sports field that ...
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