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brain injury, collision, athlete, para-athlete, triathlon, duathlon, injury, competitor, able-bodied, wheelchair, racing wheelchair, risk, risk assessment, duty of care, obvious risk, inherent risk, negligence, negligent, liable, compensation
26 Mar 2023
An athlete had participated in multiple triathlon events leading up to a ...
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but for, employer, employee, negligence, spinal disc, herniation, incapacitated, causation, defective, cause, suspension
13 Jul 2022
A man worked as a truck driver from September 2011 until May 2014.   ...
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zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy, zero tolerance alcohol policy, zero alcohol policy, compensation, injury, worker, Alsynite, negligence, training, precautions, danger, sign, under the influence
12 Jul 2021
The plaintiff was the maintenance manager of a meat processing plant. He ...
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duty of care, casino, negligence, negligent, liable, liability, foreseeable risk, precautions, reasonable measures, CCTV, compensation, reasonable steps, The Star
18 Feb 2021
A recent duty of care case involved a man who was walking inside The Star casino...
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psychiatric injury, workers compensation, workers comp, negligence, employer, employee, attempted robbery, duty of care, reasonable precaution
07 Apr 2020
On 1 November 2015, the sales assistant was behind the counter at a jewellery ...
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meningitis, meningitis symptoms, cryptococcal meningitis, personal injury, diagnose, diagnosis, misdiagnose, misdiagnosis, negligent, negligence, medical negligence, catastrophic injuries, catastrophic injury, injury, injuries, professional practice, competent professional practice, section 22, Civil Liability Act
03 Sep 2019
In early September 2008, a woman, who was then 43, began suffering from neck ...
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compensation, compensation claim, personal injury, accident, motor accident, motor vehicle accident, medical negligence, injury, injuries.
16 May 2018
Lodging a successful compensation claim in Queensland can hinge on a number of...
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Compensation, compensation claim, accident, injury, personal injury, pain and suffering, payout, compensation payout, general damages, non-economic loss, motor accident, motor vehicle accident, quantum, past economic loss, future economic loss, medical expenses.
15 May 2018
The first question most people ask regarding compensation is how much money they...
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