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ChatGPT, AI, artificial intelligence, chatbot, Microsoft, defamation, generative AI, accuracy, falsehood, OpenAI, whistleblower, defamatory, publishing, publication, claimant, bot
18 May 2023
The sudden emergence of ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots as a ...
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03 May 2023
Electronic signing of documents grew enormously during the Covid lockdowns, but ...
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12 Dec 2022
An elderly man met a younger woman in 1998. The circumstances of that meeting ...
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partial compulsory acquisition, compulsory acquisition, property, land, landowner, government, compensation, valuation, injurious affection, adverse effect, uninhabitable
29 Jan 2021
Partial compulsory acquisition is where part of your property is acquired by the...
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transgender surgery, transgender operation, trans surgery, gender reassignment, gender reassignment surgery, inherit, disinherit, Will, Family Provision Act, deceased, estate
05 Oct 2020
A 93-year-old man died on 22 March 2017. In his lifetime, he had survived the ...
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social media defamation, defamation, defamatory, online defamation, Defamation Act, Facebook, Twitter, Google Reviews, Yelp, online review, online comment
13 Aug 2020
Publishers forced to check uncertain facts and seek legal advice As an ...
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social media posts, social media, defamation, defamatory, Dylan Voller, reader comments, online comments, Defamation Act
17 Jul 2020
A recent NSW Supreme Court judgement ruled major media outlets can be held ...
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