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electric scooter, e-scooter, rent, hire, trial, public road, cycleway, footpath, penalty, helmet, insurance, personal injury, public liability.
04 Apr 2024

Electric scooter trials in regional centres in NSW

The electric scooter is growing in popularity in Europe as a means of urban transport, and there has been pressure in Australia to allow them to be used on cycleways and selected public roads. In many European cities, a person can rent an e-scooter on the spot, ride it wherever they want to go, and […]
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driverless cars, self driving car, automated vehicle, autonomous vehicle, vehicle, car, truck, road, driver, safety, pedestrian, swerve, crash, brakes, computer, law, public road, National Transport Commission, NRMA, accident, traffic, highway
13 Jun 2023

Driverless cars are coming – but whose fault will it be when they crash?

Are driverless cars safe? We know that driverless cars are coming. So imagine the future, when you get into your driverless car, set the controls to take you home, sit back and relax as the autonomous vehicle sets off down the road. You are in the driver’s seat, but your hands aren’t on the steering […]
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declared dead, legally dead, deceased, missing person, missing, body, assets, will, remarry, presumed dead, presumed alive, natural disaster, mudslide, avalanche, disappearance, murder, misadventure, vanish
21 Feb 2023

Someone vanishes – how long before they can be declared dead?

Someone disappears. Years go by and they are still missing. There is no message, no letter, nothing to indicate whether they are still alive. No body is found. Families are in limbo. Can their partner legally remarry? When can the missing person legally be declared dead, their will enacted and their assets distributed? Can someone […]
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electric scooters, scooter, e-scooter, trial, NSW, law, commute, road rules, pedestrian, safety, rider, cycle path, road, footpath, insurance, accident, injure
03 Nov 2022

Electric scooters a legal grey area as trial conducted in NSW

Visit any city in Europe nowadays and you will be astonished at the number of electric scooters zipping around carrying one or even two people, at speeds up to 25 kph. Men and women in office clothing commute to work on them. Teenagers ride them to school. At night glammed-up folk scooter off to parties […]
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ANPR technology, ANPR, driver, criminal, traffic, offence, car, vehicle, motor, unregistered, uninsured, stolen, licence, RBT
14 Oct 2022

Almost twenty years on, ANPR technology still surprises unwary drivers

Although automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology has been around for many years now, its use still catches many drivers unawares and leaves some questioning its “Big Brother” aspect. However, its importance in criminal investigations leaves little doubt as to its continued value for the community. How does ANPR technology work? Automatic number plate recognition […]
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business vehicle, criminal, record, tradie, fine, offence, camera, vehicle, sub-contractor, council
28 Sep 2022

Tradies beware – a business vehicle can have a criminal record

Often for tradies, an inescapable part of doing business – especially in the Sydney metropolitan area – is receiving fines for parking and related offences, and driving matters. However things are changing, and some tradies are learning the hard way about “full road-use recording of offences” – meaning, your business vehicle can have a criminal […]
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DUI, drug dealing, criminal justice, sentencing, crime, penalty, Far North Russia, criminal offence, driving, under the influence, alcohol, PCA, drink driving, TORP, police, pursuit, Interlock
01 Sep 2022

Getting caught for DUI or drug dealing in Far North Russia

In Australia, driving under the influence (DUI) and drug dealing are treated very seriously. It is interesting to learn about other countries’ criminal justice systems and the differences in penalties and sentencing for such crimes. Sometimes, despite stark differences in countries’ values, cultures and criminal systems, the sentences are similar, while at other times they […]
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mental health discrimination, mental health, discrimination, disorder, insurance, insurer, policy, payout, evidence, dispute, obstacle, disability discrimination, Anti-Discrimination Act, PIAC, Public Interest Advocacy Centre
09 Feb 2022

PIAC report identifies pattern of mental health discrimination in insurance industry

A ten year study of the insurance industry’s treatment of people has found systemic mental health discrimination that requires high-level investigation. The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has compiled a report on mental health discrimination in the insurance sector. It found people with a mental health history are often being denied insurance, or are offered […]
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inaccurate GPS, speed zone, recognition, system, speeding, fine, speed limit, legal limit, out of date, smartphone, accurate, driving, driver, in-car, technology
21 May 2021

Inaccurate GPS speed zone recognition is no excuse for speeding

Motorist concerned about inaccurate GPS  I listened to a scenario involving an inaccurate GPS speed zone recognition system being discussed on radio recently. A motorist lives near Lemon Tree Passage in NSW. He has 20 kilometres to drive to a shopping centre near Raymond Terrace. There are about six speed zone changes within that distance. […]
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unbroken yellow line, continuous, stripe, painted, road, parking fine, parking offence, parking ticket, traffic offence, Road Rules, Regulation 169, Regulation 165, driver, motorist, driving
28 Apr 2021

The unbroken yellow line in NSW – watch out or cop a Level 4 fine

Continuous yellow edge line covers many parking situations The vast majority of NSW motorists, who don’t have the time or access to the very voluminous Road Rules (New South Wales version), need to be aware of a fairly severe fine related to parking in many situations. That is because many parking scenarios are governed by […]
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super insurance, superannuation, super fund, super account, death cover, income protection, TPD, total and permanent disability, claim, hardship, disabled, payout, lump sum
21 Apr 2021

Unable to work? You might be able to claim on your super insurance

Many people who are suffering hardship are unaware they could get financial assistance through their super insurance. Often hidden in the fine print on your superannuation statement, it’s easy to miss, especially as you don’t arrange the insurance. Instead, the premium is automatically deducted from your super account. What does super insurance cover? Your super […]
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drink driving, licence, suspension, suspended, drug driving, Road Transport Act, NSW, DUI, PCA, breathalyser, blood sample, legal limit, on the spot fine, driving record, driving history, alcohol, appeal
03 Dec 2020

Drink driving licence suspension in NSW – is it worth challenging?

Penalties for drink driving and drug driving were fortified considerably in 2019 in an effort to reduce the road toll. Amendments to the NSW Road Transport Act 2013 mean that drivers who are now detected with a low range alcohol reading of between .05 and .08 will have their licence suspended automatically. How do police […]
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work-related fatalities, death rates, injuries, non-fatal injuries, fatal accidents, injured workers, safety, WHS, OHS, Work Health and Safety Act, employer, employee, deceased
08 Oct 2020

Data underscores continuing grim reality of work-related fatalities in Australia

A shocking level of work-related fatalities is disclosed in the figures regularly released by Safe Work Australia. A total of 3,751 workers have been killed in work-related incidents between 2003 and 2018. While Safe Work Australia has stated that the incidence of fatalities is declining, in 2019 there were still 183 worker fatalities, compared to […]
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negotiated agreement, dispute resolution, conflict resolution, legal dispute, alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, compromise, settlement
30 Apr 2020

A negotiated agreement might be more attainable during a pandemic

Multiple factors can influence a person to resolve a dispute Do you have an ongoing legal dispute that you just can’t settle? Now might the time to make another attempt to reach a negotiated agreement. In the face of COVID-19, everyone is suffering in one way or another. It might be financial, it might be […]
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work from home, WFH, WHS, OHS, work health and safety, safe work, workers comp, workers compensation
23 Apr 2020

Asking my employees to work from home – what’s the risk?

For large numbers of businesses, closure and lockdown measures have meant that the only way of keeping trading and staying afloat has been to ask staff to work from home. But are there risks? And, if so, what precautions should be taken? Disappearance of obstacles to working from home In these days of effortless remote […]
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relevant insurer, NSW, Motor Accident Injuries Act, MAI Actm compensation, defendant, claim, claimant, car accident, collision, vehicle accident, damages, Motor Accident Guidelines, SIRA
04 Mar 2020

Figuring out who the “relevant insurer” is under the Motor Accident Injuries Act in NSW

A new concept under the Motor Accident Injuries Act (MAI Act) that requires notice being given to the “relevant insurer” when making a claim for statutory benefits in NSW raises questions about how to determine which insurer that is. Making a claim following a car accident If you are involved in a car accident, under […]
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NSW CTP, CTP, CTP NSW, injury compensation, Motor Accident Injuries Act, statutory benefit, common law damages, minor injury, psychological injury, psychiatric injury
03 Mar 2020

The NSW CTP scheme in practice – two years on

At a roundtable conducted by the Injury Compensation Committee of the Law Society of NSW in 2019, two years after the introduction of the Motor Accident Injuries Act 2017, it was found that lawyers need more information on the NSW compulsory third party insurance (CTP) scheme, its operation and how problems are being addressed. Feedback […]
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funeral expenses, road accident, motor vehicle accident, compensation, burial, cremation, monument, plaque, gravestone, tombstone, headstone, repatriation
14 Feb 2020

Paying for funeral expenses following a road accident death

In 2018, there were 1,136 road deaths in Australia. That means there were over 1,000 families that had to find a way to farewell their loved ones and pay for funeral expenses without creating financial stress at what was already a very upsetting and difficult time. Paying for funeral costs It is generally well known […]
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