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Roe v Wade, trigger laws, Dobbs v Jackson, USA, Constitution, amendment, Supreme Court, abortion, ban, overturn, precedent, lobbyist, anti-abortion, Bill of Rights, due process
26 Jul 2022

Roe v Wade overturned – will it set a precedent for Australian law?

Roe v Wade establishes constitutional protection for abortion in 1973 If you had recently asked someone about the significance of the US Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Womens’ Health Organisation, you’d likely get a blank look. But if you had referred to “the case that overturned Roe v Wade”, it would be quite […]
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mental health discrimination, mental health, discrimination, disorder, insurance, insurer, policy, payout, evidence, dispute, obstacle, disability discrimination, Anti-Discrimination Act, PIAC, Public Interest Advocacy Centre
09 Feb 2022

PIAC report identifies pattern of mental health discrimination in insurance industry

A ten year study of the insurance industry’s treatment of people has found systemic mental health discrimination that requires high-level investigation. The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC) has compiled a report on mental health discrimination in the insurance sector. It found people with a mental health history are often being denied insurance, or are offered […]
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super insurance, superannuation, super fund, super account, death cover, income protection, TPD, total and permanent disability, claim, hardship, disabled, payout, lump sum
21 Apr 2021

Unable to work? You might be able to claim on your super insurance

Many people who are suffering hardship are unaware they could get financial assistance through their super insurance. Often hidden in the fine print on your superannuation statement, it’s easy to miss, especially as you don’t arrange the insurance. Instead, the premium is automatically deducted from your super account. What does super insurance cover? Your super […]
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negotiated agreement, dispute resolution, conflict resolution, legal dispute, alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, compromise, settlement
30 Apr 2020

A negotiated agreement might be more attainable during a pandemic

Multiple factors can influence a person to resolve a dispute Do you have an ongoing legal dispute that you just can’t settle? Now might the time to make another attempt to reach a negotiated agreement. In the face of COVID-19, everyone is suffering in one way or another. It might be financial, it might be […]
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traumatic brain injury, TBI, injuries, post-traumatic, amnesia assessment, Glasgow Coma Score, brain scan, frontal lobes, brain
31 Jan 2020

Traumatic brain injury and compensation in NSW

A brain injury can have a terrible impact on a person’s life, regardless of whether the injury is mild or severe. Receiving compensation for a traumatic brain injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident can assist the victim in moving forward with their life. However, receiving compensation is not always straightforward, particularly in cases where […]
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NSW, New South Wales, workers comp, workers compensation, injury, injuries, injured, injured worker, injured workers, workplace injury, workplace injuries, work injury, work injuries, Australia Institute, Centre for Future Work, Restoring Security and Respect, Rebuilding NSW's Workers Compensation System, Workers Compensation Commission, WCC, Workers Compensation Independent Review Office, WIRO, State Insurance Regulatory Authority, SIRA, insurer, insurers, insured, insurance dispute, insurance disputes, dispute with insurer, disputes with insurers, icare, Injured Workers Support Network
08 Jun 2018

Workers compensation system in NSW improves with access to free legal help

Much needed changes to the workers compensation scheme announced in May 2018 will allow all injured workers who dispute the amount of money they receive while off work to seek help from a lawyer. The plans to change the workers compensation system came after many injured workers complained of having to wrestle with a complicated […]
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03 May 2017

The lighter side of the law: when law and comedy collide

On the face of it, there doesn’t seem to be much that is amusing about the law. Certainly, there is not much humour to be found if you are on the wrong side of it. Stern judges, imposing courtrooms, the overhang of serious traditions, not to the mention the copious amounts of tedious paperwork and […]
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24 Mar 2017

Is my privacy really protected under Australian law?

Consider these three privacy incidents: The Minister for Human Services releases to a reporter the personal details of a welfare recipient who had publicly criticised the government. A woman secretly places a hidden camera in her father’s room in a nursing home to record what happens because she fears he is being abused by a […]
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01 Aug 2016

Medical negligence compensation gap must be closed

The terrible tragedy of a baby dying after being given the wrong gas at Bankstown Hospital has exposed a gap in the law regarding compensation for medical negligence. Under Australian law the parents of a child who dies as a result of negligence can only recover damages if they can prove they suffered a recognised […]
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24 Nov 2012

Legal Eagle Goes The Extra Miles

Article courtesy of The Sydney Morning Herald 24 November 2012 One of the little-known advantages to a law degree is that it can involve world travel, gathering evidence and taking statements from clients. Ruth Hudson became a solicitor just over two years ago and has already travelled to India, England and Germany to meet clients […]
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20 Jul 2011

Don’t miss the time limit to claim

Understanding the different time limits that apply for personal injury claims can be a tricky business – even for lawyers. After all, the broad heading of “personal injury” covers a whole range of different matters, including motor vehicle accidents, work accidents, medical negligence, public liability (“slips and falls”) and dust diseases. The time limits can […]
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21 Apr 2010

Medical Procedures Gone Wrong

Life is full of uncertainties. We can’t always predict what is in store for us, or protect ourselves from unforseen accidents. Such is life. When it comes to health, we tend to rely on the advice of the medical professionals. As we should. Unfortunately, injuries sometimes occur following the advice or actions of a health […]
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18 Aug 2009

Homebirth And Medical Negligence

Most mothers will agree, giving birth is one of the most memorable and life-changing events a woman can experience. According to research, being in an environment where she feels safe can have a significant impact on a woman’s birth experience. Some women feel safest in a hospital setting, with immediate access to care in the […]
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